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As one of the top freeze dryer manufacturers in China, HUCHUAN®, with its professional knowledge and rich experience in the freeze drying field, has produced freeze dryers that have been widely used in more than 30 countries around the world, bringing sustainable competitive advantages to customers all over the world.


Let’s explore the endless possibilities of freeze drying together!, create the best selling products in the market, and stay ahead of the curve.

Pilot Freeze Dryers

HUCHUAN® Pilot Freeze Dryer series meets the needs of product development and small-scale production. It can be applied to sample testing, handling of sensitive active ingredients and other projects.

Commercial Freeze Dryers

HUCHUAN® commercial freeze dryer series can meet the needs of commercial batch production. Widely used in food, nutraceutical, Health care products、cosmetics, flowers, weeds, taxidermy, ready meals, dairy products, dyes, pigments and enzymes And many more for commercial batch production needs.

Industrial Freeze Dryers

HUCHUAN® industrial freeze dryer series can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production. They are widely used in various industries such as food, agriculture and bioengineering, such as instant coffee and tea and other extracts and liquids, vegetables, fruits and berries, meat and seafood products, ready meals, vegetables, fruits and berries, meat and seafood products, ready meals, dairy products, pet food and many more.


HUCHUAN®, as one of the most experienced freeze dryer designers and manufacturers, with its leading HUCHUAN&TOYO-TR vacuum freeze drying concept, is committed to providing advanced freeze drying technology and experience to our global customers, and together we promote the sustainable development of the global freeze drying industry.

We have always focused on technological innovation and quality control, and have achieved standardized design goals in promoting energy efficiency, productivity and automation. We have a full range of capabilities in design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service from pilot freeze dryer series, commercial freeze dryer series to industrial freeze dryer series.

We work with customers all over the world, following the regulations, standards and requirements of different regions, and based on years of experience, we provide freeze dryers that meet the specific regulations, standards and needs of each industry.

Choosing HUCHUAN® means you can be assured of lower equipment cost, more reliable performance, better quality, more substantial economic benefits and the most suitable solution for you from a Chinese manufacturer.



Company: Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd.

Location: Japan

Year: 2008


Application: Healthcare products

“HUCHUAN® has a highly professional and dedicated team and we are impressed with HUCHUAN®’s ability to quickly resolve technical issues. HUCHUAN®’s freeze-drying technology not only adds value to our programs, but also improves the reliability, flexibility, and simplicity of the entire operation”. 

“In our experience, HUCHUAN® always completes projects without delay while guaranteeing the highest quality standards, and we consider them an important partner”.

– Sato Yuta, R&D Director

Company: Ting Hsin International Group


Year: 2014


Application: Diced beef, diced chicken, soup cubes, vegetables, fruits, shrimp meat

“We don’t have all the technical equipment knowledge, but we do have the application knowledge. Therefore, we needed a supplier that offered a fully integrated solution, not just stand-alone equipment. HUCHUAN® provided the solution that they have proven to be effective for many years and have optimized, and fine-tuned the process in several areas”.

“HUCHUAN® has extensive knowledge of freeze dryers for the food industry. We have established an excellent partnership with HUCHUAN®”.

“We are very satisfied with HUCHUAN®’s freeze drying solutions and look forward to future projects.”

– Liu Qianzong, The Vice President of Instant Noodles Business Group


Company: JDE

Location: Brazil

Year: 2023


Application: Coffee

“We have had a good experience with the freeze dryer that HUCHUAN® delivered to our plant a year ago and together we have completed a beautiful project. The HUCHUAN® after-sales team is always on hand if they or we find that the equipment could perform better”.

“The freeze dryer is a stable performer that will meet our needs now and in the future.

– José Augusto Vieira, General Manager


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